Fully Managed Online Surveys

Let the specialists turn your questionnaire into an online survey, supported by advanced features such as conditional logic and calculator fields.

Surveys for every need

Market research

Gather data on target markets, market shares, and customers in a structrued format.

Brand perception

Gauge brand preferences in a given market and know the drivers behind a winning brand. 

Customer satisfaction

Know which aspects of a product or service lead to optimum customer satisfaction. 

Employee satisfaction

Know how your company is ranked on various workplace parameters versus other firms.


Opinion poll

Quickly assess the mood of a set of audience in the wake of, say, a new announcement. 

Event feedback

Evaluate the success of an event using metrices such as rating and potential future attendance. 

Get reports in your inbox when the survey concludes

Tabulation and report development are two key components of the entire survey process. At SurveyStar, depending on your requirement, we can attend to these aspects after the conclusion of a survey and bring out the reports in meaningful way.

The reports are aimed at helping you analyze and summarize the underlying data in a clear and highly usable manner.


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