Terms and Conditions

While using any content or information appearing on surveystar.net, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed below:

All Survey Star logos, product names, service names and content of any form or length in any media format are owned and copyrighted by Survey Star. Any minor reference to Survey Star data, content, graphics, images or analysts is permissible in a media communication or non-commercial presentation, subject to due attribution being provided to Survey Star. The length of such reference content should not exceed 100 words in text or its equivalent in an audio or video format.

Any reference and use of content, for purposes and lengths other than those mentioned above must be done through express written approval, either in print or electronic/e-mail format issued through an official email address bearing the name and designation of an authorized approver at Survey Star.
Specifically, if you are a non-media, for-profit organization, and intend to use any of Survey Star data or content in any format, whether in print or in any electronic or web format, with the purpose of reinforcing or validating a statement made by your organization, then you are required to approach us through the contact form provided on the website. You would be required to submit the exact context and format in which the Survey Star content under consideration would be used and how and where it would appear. We reserve the rights to modify or approve the request. Also, depending on whether you are an existing Survey Star customer or not, we may or may not require you to pay certain fees as applicable or in mutual agreement.

However, if you are linking back to our website for a reference from your website, then none of the above conditions would be applicable and you could freely do the link-backs.

When you buy any subscription or service from us, whether online through an e-commerce tool such as cart plug-in, then you agree to access all information on as-is basis. While we make extensive efforts to ensure that all information is sourced in the most authentic manner possible, we do not guarantee any absolute completeness or accuracy of any data, information or analysis. We therefore, expressly advise you to use all Survey Star content or advisory only to enrich and broaden your perspectives and only as additional tools that may help in your decision making process. We strongly advise you to take any business, communication, organizational or other such decisions based on your own final comprehension of the situation or the requirement. It is in the light of the above, that, therefore, you are required to agree that you or any of your stakeholders would not hold us liable for non-accomplishment of any decisions or plans undertaken by you, wholly or partly on account of use of our content or advisory consumed by you in any form.

The above mentioned terms and conditions are applicable to you even if you are a general user and not a subscriber or customer of the content or services offered under the Survey Star brand.

Additionally, if you are a subscriber or customer of Survey Star, we would like to make you aware that release of any subscription content or submission of any custom work is dependent on a multitude of known and unknown variables, and therefore while we make all the right efforts to accomplish and release reports on predetermined dates, sometimes things could fall beyond our control and there could be an inadvertent delay in a delivery. In view of this, you agree to hold us not liable for any delay in business decision making at your end, considering also that, as emphasized above, Survey Star is meant to be only one of the tools you employ.

All deliverables are done in electronic formats and use licensed applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which also have in-built capabilities to generate other formats such as pdf, which too is standard form of deliverable for many of our reports. The exact format used for delivery is a sole discretion of Survey Star and is decided on the nature of the report.