Learning Orientation Survey
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This is not a psychometric assessment. Your responses will be confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of aggregated study and further research. Please read the statements carefully and be honest with yourself as much as you can. You email id is getting captured so that we share the analysis of your response after the study is completed. Feel Free to write a note at deepavmukherjee@gmail.com in case you have any queries or doubts while filling your response.

1. Rate how well the statement describes you

I like to take challenging new opportunities *
I am comfortable to experiment new job assignments *
I am not rigid in adverse situations *
I am open to learning *
I spend time to analyse my strengths and weaknesses *
I am conscious to pay attention to learn from complex situations *
I am able to communicate my thoughts and actions to others effectively *
I can work with diverse set of people *
I appreciate individual differences while working with others *
I have consistently delivered in first time situations *
I take ownership to achieve my deliverables *
I plan activities with a results focus *
My job is monotonous *
My Job requires interaction with others *
My Job requires thinking and analysis *
My Job involves manual work *
My Job helps me demonstrate leadership skills *
My Job Skill is applicable to any industry *
My Job Skill is niche and less available in the market *
My Job Skill is unique *
I use technology to learn because I prefer this method *
I use technology to learn if the content is useful to me *
I use technology to learn if the tool is easy to use *
I use technology to learn if my organization provides the platform to me *
I use technology to learn if I am given technical support while learning *
I use technology to learn if my organization / government attaches incentives *
I use technology to learn if the learning platform is free of cost for me *
When I learn a skill by self, I know my organization would recognize it *
I am aware my reputation increases through learning new skills by self *
Certifications add credibility to my skill when I learn by self *